Comfort Women is a documentary about women from the Philippines who were abused by soldiers of the japanese military forces during the second World War. The film tells the story of their struggle to fight for compensation and justice after decades of hiding away and suffering.


Plot Summary

For more than 50 years the mass rape of over 200,000 women by members of the Japanese Imperial Army during World War II had been silenced - not the least by the victims themselves. In the Nineties, women from Asia (namely Korea and the Philippines) tore down the wall of shameful silence by telling the world about their victimization.

In 1995, the Asian Women's Fund was created by the Japanese government to pay atonement money to former comfort women and historically research the issue of "comfort women". In 2007 the fund closed its work. However, former victims in the Philippines feel that justice was not done. They are still waiting for an official apology, for an acknowledgement of their victimization and financial aid. To state their case, the so called "Lolas" (meaning "grandmothers") voice their protest.

Original Title: COMFORT WOMEN
Production Company: GINGERFOOT FILMS
Release Date: TBA

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